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Kona Manta Ray Identification Project
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Photo by Vicky Newman 2004/07/12
Number: 63
Name: Koie
Sex: Female
Current Size: unknown
Last Sighting: ongoing
First Size: unknown
First Sighting: August 17, 2001
Photo byJerry Kane 2007/07/01
Koie ray was first sighted at Ho’ona Bay/Garden Eels on August 17, 2001 along with 15 other manta rays. She was sighted again November 24, 2001 at the Kona Surf site. She is approximately 7’-9’ across. The summer of 2004 her left cephalic fin was cut off by entanglement in fishing line. She also received a cut on the top and bottom edge of her right wing. The photo at left is Koie 3 years after the photo above - left cephalic fin is gone but cuts are healed.